A fairer way to offer legal expense funding while increasing your client base.

CreditPoint supports practice revenue with an up front percentage of your client’s retainer or projected case fees.

As an attorney with overhead and long lead times for trial or settlements it’s not plausible to take more than a few clients on contingency fee structures. That leaves a lot of people desperate for help unable to get legal remedy.

It’s frustrating that those who need your services most are often the ones least likely to have available funds to pay for legal fees.

CreditPoint understands that many who seek financing for legal services are in a difficult spot financially and emotionally.

We don’t take advantage of vulnerable people with misleading interest rate quotes or hidden fee tactics that are so prevalent in this sector.

The client is not charged interest. We offer payment options up to 24 months with or without a down payment. We tailor a funding program for clients with manageable monthly payments.

Over 95% of applicants are approved.

Fair, simple and transparent.

We review applicants, verify information, and notify you of approval within minutes.

Attorneys receive an up front percentage of the retainer or projected case fees. Once your client meets a threshold repayment to CreditPoint, monthly payments are forwarded to you as the client continues to repay. As the case progresses additional fees can be funded.

CreditPoint supports practice revenue with a prompt initial payment with reliable monthly payments following.

For more information please call CreditPoint at 800.679.9491