We are simply a fairer way to offer healthcare financing to your patients while supporting practice revenue.

CreditPoint forwards an upfront percentage of your patient's out-of-pocket costs.

We help doctors help more patients. Out-of-pocket costs and large deductibles are real obstacles for patients to get the care they need.

CreditPoint understands that many who seek healthcare financing are in a difficult spot financially and emotionally. We don’t take advantage of vulnerable people with misleading interest rate quotes or hidden fee tactics that are so prevalent in this sector.

Over 95% of our applicants are approved. There is no interest and no hidden fees.

We offer payment options up to 24 months with or without a down payment. We tailor a funding program for patients with manageable monthly payments.

Fair, simple and transparent.

CreditPoint forwards the healthcare provider an up front percentage of the patient’s responsibility paid promptly from date of service.

Once the patient meets a threshold repayment with CreditPoint, provider receives monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

It’s Simple...

  • Register your practice
  • A link to our online application is emailed to interested patients
  • We review applicants, verify information, and notify you of approval the same day

CreditPoint also offers healthcare providers a simple line of credit against insurance claims. Both programs offer simple user-friendly secure portal for up to date payment information.

For more information please call CreditPoint at 800.679.9491